How To Optimise Your Google My Business Listing

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Does your business have a Google My Business listing? Google My Business is a free service that helps people locate local businesses. For instance, a person searching for a garage in location Y would google 'garages in Y'. Companies with a Google My Business listing will pop up first. Below are a few ways to optimise your Google My Business listing.  

Accurate Business Description

Your business should have an accurate description. For instance, if the above garage specialises in bodywork, the category should be read 'bodywork garage' rather than 'garage. In the description, you could include a marketing message to attract the customer to your business, like 'A modern garage providing state-of-the-art body repairs'. In the attribute section, write the type of services you provide. For instance, you could indicate towing services, accident repairs, paintwork, installation of facelifts, upholstery, frame repairs and any other service you may provide.

The contacts, location, operating hours and website link must be correct. Your website must be informative. For example, it could include details of your staff, business accomplishments, upcoming events and products on sale. Your business may lose credibility if your website is not informative. Remember to update these details if you change the location, services or contacts. 

Use Quality Images

Quality images will attract and direct customers to your business. Take pictures of the business exterior. For instance, if you are a restaurant located in a storey building, take photos of the building. It will help clients find the business. Include pictures of the interior, the staff and some of the services you provide. For example, a restaurant would include photographs of some of the foods on their menu.

Product Catalogue

Use the product catalogue to inform clients what you have on sale. Google allows you to upload pictures of the product and insert a product name, description and price. Update your product catalogue when you have new products or when you review the prices. Include a website link to enable customers to book or purchase the product. 


Reviews are a perfect way to market your business on the platform. You could start by asking loyal customers to leave a review on Google My Business. Respond to negative reviews by apologising and resolving the issue. For example, if a customer claims to have purchased a faulty product at your store, apologise and offer a free replacement. Businesses with a high number of reviews often rank at the top.

Optimise your Google My Business listing by including an accurate business description, uploading quality images, adding a product catalogue and asking customers to review your business. Contact a company like Bfound LLC. to learn more

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